stitch girl - about us


Welcome to Stitchgirl,

My name is Anna, a designer and director.

I specialise in a range of handcrafted homewares using 100% Quality Cotton bought in New Zealand and sourced Globally, in Auckland, New Zealand, established in 2015.

For all Ages.

Stitchgirl has sewn over the years but as my children are growing older,  I’ve been able to spend more time, sewing.

Auckland Markets that I attended usually on a monthly basis are:

Mt Eden Village Craft Market : 2nd Saturday of Month

Devonport Craft & Fine Food Market : 2nd Sunday of Month

Craft Harvest, 545 Parnell Rd, Parnell : 3rd Saturday of Month

General Collective Market Day : held 3 times per year

Please follow Stitchgirl on:

Facebook = Stitchgirl

Instagram = Stitchgirlnz

Not all what I make, makes it to my website, as actually I make too make and have not

enough time for listing. If  you see anything I’ve posted and would like to purchase, please

request it to be listed!

Remember if purchasing, it’s ONLY  one postage price for whatever you purchase!


For any of you that are NOT in New Zealand, but from Australia or Elsewhere, if you would like to purchase, send me a message on what you would like to purchase and I can check the

International Postage Rates for you.


[P.S  … as with most of what I make, only one or two are made the same, at this time of the year it is probably best to purchase MID WEEK , as I could sell what is on the website at the Markets

I go to on the weekend – stock is checked on Sunday nights – to avoid any disappointments]