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About our baby bits

Stitchgirl loves to see babies smile! Our  nappy wallets are ideal for babies daily essentials. They can store a few nappies and wipes for convenient quick access and help you keep your change space organised and tidy. The handmade baby bibs are extra soft for baby’s comfort and easy to clean. Additional features include Snap Buttons. You can be sure that all our top quality items are sewn with 100% cotton fabrics – unless stated otherwise.

Our baby-friendly materials

Baby Feeding Bibs

All our baby bibs  are unique to Stitchgirl, with a Extender Collar that allow baby to grow – from 2 months  even up to a adult..

Bandana Bibs

All our bandana bibs are unique to Stitchgirl, made from  fabrics you won’t find often in the shops. They are a 3 layer system which includes a Waterproof layer that will prevent wetness against your babies clothes or skin. Also has a 3 dome positions for different neck sizes.

Nappy Wallets

All our nappy wallets  are made from 100% cotton, fusible fleece which is quilted, a cotton lining and with a cotton sleeves with Interfacing. We use Snap Buttons –  2 positions for different size wipes to fasten the product.

Padded Change Mats

These come as a COMBO set. Nappy Wallet with Padded Change Mat which can be bundled together, easy to place under pram , car or in bag.  Change Mats have 2 sides – a Cotton Side to lay baby down once changed and a Waterproof side that is able to be wiped, especially for those number 2’s.

Tag Cloths with Ribbons

These are just the perfect size for baby, so soft and cuddly for them to hold.  Ribbons are bright and colourful for the eye and the dimple cloth is so silky and smooth to the touch with the flannel soft, cosy and patterned.


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Showing all 18 results