Book Bags

Book Bags & Book Holders – NZ Handmade Product for Young Readers

About our book bags

At Stitchgirl we love to encourage kids to read! There is nothing quite like diving into a book and getting lost in the world behind words. Don’t you wish you could take them with you everywhere? Explore our wide range of handmade book bags available in various colours and patterns for each taste. These excellent quality book holders will make carrying your books around easy. Great for the kids for taking to school or to take your favorite novel with you anywhere you go.

About the materials we use

All book bags are made from 100% quality cotton, batting which is quilted on to outer fabric, cotton Lined, edges over-locked then stitched down and velcro to Secure. Most bags come with a vinyl sleeve to put in a name, if not required this can be removed, carefully. Not only great for leisure reading, school, music lessons but even suitable to protect a small laptop.

Some Book Bags Price Vary –  due to the material costs!

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Showing all 13 results