Cotton Bags to use instead of Single Use Plastic for fruit or vegetables while at supermarket!

Once home, help keep your fruit and vegetables fresher for longer inside one of these!

About our  holders

Any of these holders are suitable for just anyone!

For those  who realizes  the crisis of our world with the Use of  Plastic, why not use reusable Cotton Bags while doing your weekly shopping and once home using our Fridge Bags to help keep your Fruit or Vegetables fresher for longer!

About the materials we use

Supermarket Cotton Bags for holding your Fruit and Vegetables while shopping are made from 100% Cotton Poplin and secured by a Snap Closure. These probably add 15 to 20 cents to the price of your items.

Veggie or Fruit Bags – Are made from 100% Cotton with a Polyurethane Food Grade Liner and Snap Closures to secure.

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