Baby Sets – Shoulder Burp Towel, Feeding Bib, Dribble Bib with a FREE Facecloth ~Colourful Llamas


Baby Set – Shoulder Burp Towel, Feeding Bib , Dribble Bib and FREE Facecloth!

This Set makes that perfect gift – it’s practical and will be put to great use. Starting with the Burping Towel which gets put over a shoulder especially with a newborn to get those gases up

and your guaranteed that more than a burp will be released. That’s where the towel comes in handy, saves your clothes. Then onto the Feeding Bib, this has a Extendable Collar,  so starts

small and it grows as the baby grows, this will see them right through and before you know it, it’s the  Teething Stage, Dribbling  and wetting there clothes, this is where the Handy Dribble Bandana Style Bib comes into play, it’s got a 3 Layers (2 Flannel & the other is a waterproof liner)  no more wet clothes, and it comes with 3 neck sizes too. Lastly is the Facecloth, perfect to wipe dirty faces and sticky hands.

All made from beautiful 100% Cotton Flannel and Cotton Towelling which is absorbent and soft!


Washing Instructions:
Machine washable and Dry in a Low Heat Dryer, Over a Heated Towel Rail  or Line Dry
Iron on Low Heat. avoid Snap Buttons 

Materials we use

Cotton Flannel with Cotton Toweling 

(Pattern same but animals in slight difference cut stage)

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