Change Mat – Turquoise/Grey Stripes


Waterproof Changing Mats

This Changing Mat is great for just anywhere, you need to change your baby on the go or even just to lie your newborn down on a padded mat, instead of been left in the car capsules while at a Coffee gathering or friends.

It give coverage for all those public changing areas or keep one in the main  area of your home, so there not always the need to go back into the nursery.

So many places to use this mat, keep one in the car,  easy to place under the pram or at the grandparents place.

They can be actually used by anyone, as a waterproof mat for sitting down a wet grass etc.

Each mat has a Snap Closure, so NO Elastic for Safety Reasons.

Approx Size:
Closed: 28.5 cm L x 19cm
Open: 60 cm L x  40cm
Top Layer is 100% Quilting Cotton, Backing is Waterproof, Food Safe Vinyl Polyester, it is free of lead, phthalates, BPA and Brominates and has been CPSIA, food Safe
this fabric is commonly used in the reusable food bags, sandwich wraps , bowl cover etc
Washing Instructions:
In between washes you a clean wipe to refresh after use.
Delicate Machine Wash and either hang over a Heated Towel Rail  Cotton Side against the Heat or in a LOW Heat Tumble.

Materials we use

100% Cotton , Polyester Batting,  Waterproof Fabric, Thread, Snap Closure

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