Double Cotton Gauze Wrap – Stars & Stripes


About Double Cotton Gauze Wraps

Beautiful and soft, as made from 100% Cotton, which is tacked together to make a  Double Cotton Gauze .  These make a lovely present as there are so many uses with them from wrapping a baby, a soft covering around a babe in a capsule, over a pram or even a cuddly.

Approx Size:

All Machined Stitched

Handmade in New Zealand.


Washing Instructions

All Wraps are washed before sending.

Washing Instructions: Delicate Machine Wash, Spin. Dry in a LOW Heat Dryer or Over a Heated Towel Rail or 50% over a Line and pegged. Be wary on a windy day the cotton could wrap around the peg and could be torn.

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