NEW Book Bag – Spiderman (Free Mask)


Experience Stitchgirl Book Bags

Explore our wide range of handmade book bags available in various colours and patterns for each taste. These excellent quality book holders will make carrying your books around easy and not only that: They will protect your books and papers from been damaged. Not only great for leisure reading, school, music lessons but even suitable to protect a small laptop.


All book bags are made from 100% Quality Cotton, batting which is quilted on to outer fabric, Nylon lined, secured by Velcro. Most bags come with a Vinyl sleeve to put in a name, if not required this can be removed, carefully.

Some have the Pencil Case attached & some not

Book Bag Size: 28cm x 36cm

Pencil Case Size: 22cm x 19cm

Free Kids Mask age 4-6Y



Washing instructions

Stitchgirl book bags are easy to clean: Pop them into the washing machine in the closed position and dry in a low heat dryer or heat towel rail. Wipe underneath vinyl as moist can build up. Do not iron vinyl or velcro as this will melt. Iron fabric on warm setting.

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