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Baby Sets:

This Baby Set consists of a Feeding Bib, Dribble Bib, Burp Towel and a Facecloth, all matching. This set is a ideal gift to give as every item will be used!

This  Feeding Bib  is perfect for babies from approx 2 months of age and beyond.  This bib comes with one of the Extender Collar, exactly that it just extends the Bibs life!

Varied Neck Circumference Measures when Closed are Approx: 26cm, 29.5cm , 34cm.

Dribble Bibs have 3 layers, Cotton Flannel outer, Flannel (inner) & a Waterproof Liner on base, this will stop that dribble from making there clothes wet. Comes with 3 neck sizes and perfect from 4 months on.

Burp Shoulder Towel is made from Cotton Flannel and Cotton Toweling. Shaped to go around your neck, to help catch spills when baby is been burped.

Facecloth is made from Cotton Flannel and Cotton Toweling, perfect for washing of face, hands or body.

Washing Instructions:
Machine washable and Dry in a Low Heat Dryer, Over a Heated Towel Rail  or Line Dry
Iron on Low Heat.

Materials we use

Cotton Flannel with Cotton Toweling, PUL Liner


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