Small Sandwich Wraps – Cowboy Hats


Sandwich Wraps – Snap Closure – Velcro

Are you also worried about our children and there children’s future. This is a small start but it’s a step in the right direction  by using these Reusable Sandwich Wraps are the way to go!  Get rid of the single use Plastic Wrap or Paper, everyday in our children’s lunch boxes or anyone going to work or just whenever you make a sandwich to go somewhere.

Simple to use even for small children.
Small Size – Perfect of those who cut in half and stack only.
Snap Buttons are firm initially and depending on age of user, can be a bit more tricky so hence Velcro!
Cleaning is simple, either wiped with a damp cloth with a mild detergent (Sunlight in sink water)  or throw into the washing machine (Velcro in closed position – as everything will stick) spin and remove. Dry in a LOW heat dryer for 20 mins or over a Heated Towel Rail with Cotton Side down overnight, and it’s ready the next day!
If you need to iron, ONLY Cotton NOT liner as this will damage and NO ironing on Snaps or Velcro!!!
No Bleach or Strong Detergents as this will damage Lining.
Made from:-
100% Cotton Outer
Polyurethane Lining – Food Grade
 BPA free to meet CPSIA regulations.
Polyurethane  is Phthalate free
Closed: 15 cm x 10 cm
Open:  22 cm x 22 cm

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