Veggie Wrap – Cucumber


Veggie Wrap

Are you also worried about our children and there children’s future. This is a small start but it’s a step in the right direction  by using these Reusable Veggie Wraps are the way to go!

Get rid of the single use plastic bags or wraps, that just get thrown away into landfill.

Don’t take a plastic bag from the Supermarket and once home  just  wrap your vegetables or even fruit in one of these.
Just simply throw your wrap into the Washing Machine, either dry over a Heated Towel Rail ( cotton side against heat) LOW heat Dryer, or even on the line . Never iron the  Liner as it will melt.
No Bleach or Strong Detergents as this will damage Lining.
No Snaps to even worry about, use the weight of your vegetables to weigh it down, once in fridge.
Made from:-
100% Cotton Outer
Polyurethane Lining  – Food Grade
 BPA free to meet CPSIA regulations.
Polyurethane  is Phthalate free
45cm x 45cm

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